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Whether you live and work in Manhattan, you are almost always in close contact with people. You will also walk past various pieces of infrastructural equipment in various states of maintenance & repair. These facts are not meant to scare people; it’s just a simple fact of life that urban-dwelling will put you in close contact with the heavy gas, water, and sewer equipment used on the streets and in the tunnels below. That’s why you need to know where to turn should you require a Manhattan explosion injury lawyer.

For the vast majority of Manhattan residents, this infrastructure will never make itself known and the individual will go on with their life none the wiser about the vast array of equipment that makes modern life possible. However, for an unlucky few, problems with this equipment may cause an explosion that results in severe injuries or even the death of the victim.

Unfortunately malfunctioning infrastructure is far from the only cause of explosions and explosion injuries in Manhattan. If you have been severely injured or a loved one has been killed by an explosion, contact the experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys of Sullivan & Galleshaw.

Most Common Reasons for Explosions in Manhattan

While an explosion is not a common occurrence in Manhattan, certain causes are more likely than others to produce or result in an explosion. Some past reasons for explosions in and around Manhattan include:

  • Fire – A fire that tears through a warehouse or other building may come upon flammable or explosive materials such as stored compressed gas. When the flames from a fire reach objects of this type an unexpected secondary explosion can occur.
  • Damaged gas pipe lines — Cracks or leaks in a gas pipeline can cause an explosion once a spark or flame comes within range of the leaking fumes. An explosion can also occur in a private home if the pilot-light on a gas stove goes out, the space fills with gas, and a spark – like from a refrigerator compressor – ignites the gas.
  • Manhole covers – Manhole covers can explode off of their placement and launch 50 or more feet in the air endangering all people in the immediate vicinity. Manhole cover explosions are typically caused by underground fires and explosions that lead to a build-up of significant pressure.
  • Vehicle accident – Car, truck, and bus crashes do not normally lead to a fire and vehicle explosion, but when the fuel tank or fuel lines are damaged in a crash a fire or explosion becomes significantly more likely.

The above are only a few of the reasons as to why explosions occur in Manhattan. Other reasons for explosions can include illicit drug manufacturing activities, acts of terrorism, and other build-ups of pressure in a confined space.

Explosion Injuries You Can Sue for in Manhattan

Each scenario involving an explosion is different. Injuries are largely dependent on the intensity of the explosion and the victims distance from the source of the explosion. However some common injuries suffered in explosions can include:

  • Severe burns – An explosion can instantly cause severe burns to the face, arms, head, neck, and other exposed and even unexposed skin. Some explosions may douse the victim in a chemical or flammable liquid that continues to burn even after the initial explosion.
  • Loss of limb – Individuals who are holding or close to the source of the explosion may lose fingers, a hand, or an entire limb.
  • Effects on vision and hearing – The intensity of an explosion can lead to temporary or permanent hearing and vision loss. The intensity of the explosion may puncture an eardrum or otherwise cause a serious and debilitating injury.
  • PTSD – Following an explosion, many people may report feeling symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD actually leads to physical changes in the brain and can cause severe anxiety and a host of severe problems.
  • Death – Unfortunately and tragically, the force and intensity of an explosion can result in injuries so severe that they are fatal.

The above unfortunately only represents a small selection of potential injuries that can occur after an explosion.

Put Our Manhattan Explosion Accident Injury Lawyers to Work for You

If you have been seriously injured or if a loved one has been killed by an explosion in Manhattan, the dedicated and aggressive litigators of Sullivan & Galleshaw can fight for you. To schedule a free and confidential personal injury consultation call us at 877-311-HURT.


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