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An explosion accident can be extremely dangerous for victims near the proximity of the blast. The injuries caused in an explosion can vary from traumatic brain injury to third-degree burn, depending on the circumstances. That is why it is necessary for a victim of an explosion accident to pursue compensation for their injuries. If you or a family member was injured in an explosion accident, consult with an experienced Queens explosion injury lawyer.

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Common Injuries Caused by Explosion Accidents in Queens

There are a variety of circumstances that could lead to an explosion accident. The injuries suffered during an explosion accident will typically depend on the type of blast and how close the victim was when the blast happened. For example, a victim that was caught in the epicenter of the blast is more likely to suffer a fatal injury than a victim on the outskirts of the blast radius.

The following is a list of common injuries a victim may suffer due to an explosion accident.

Burn Injuries

An explosion will generate an extremely high degree of heat that can cause burn injuries in an instant. In some cases, the explosion may also cause a fire to start that could endanger the lives of people in the vicinity.

There are varying degrees of burns that a victim may suffer due to an explosion in Queens. These degrees are categorized into three primary types:

  • First-degree burn – The least severe type of burn that causes damage to the outer layer of a person’s skin and leaves them with pain, swelling, redness, inflammation, and other symptoms
  • Second-degree burn – Will leave a victim with damage underneath their skin and cause painful blisters that may burst, this type of burn may require skin grafts to correct
  • Thirddegree burn – Most severe type of burn (outside of fourth-degree burns) that will cause damage that extends through every layer of a person’s skin, characterized by blisters, waxy or dark brown skin color, and leathery skin texture

If a burn affects a large area of the victim’s body or if the victim’s face, hands, feet, or groin is burned, the victim may require extensive medical attention.

Loss of Vision or Hearing

Explosions can also impair a victim’s vision and hearing. If a blast is large enough, it may emit a thunderous noise that is capable of rupturing a person’s eardrum. As a result, a victim may experience temporary or even permanent hearing loss, depending on their proximity to the explosion.

Additionally, if a victim observed the blast from close range without any protective eyewear, the light emitted by the blast could cause serious damage to a victim’s eyes that could possibly lead to blindness.

Cuts, Lacerations, Loss of Limbs

There are various situations where an explosion could result in severe lacerations or the loss of limbs. For example, if an explosion occurs due to a car accident, various pieces of metal and glass could be propelled by the blast and fly for several yards before it makes contact with a person or object. If a person is stuck by a piece of shrapnel or glass at a high rate of speed, they will likely suffer a serious cut or a loss of a limb.

There are many other circumstances where a blast could propel material to strike others like a plant explosion, a construction site blast, or a metalworking shop.

Lung Injury

The chemicals or materials that caused a blast can also lead to a person suffering a lung injury. Lung injuries that occur due to an explosion often result in blast lung. Blast lung can cause a number of afflictions from loss of blood pressure (hypotension) to a dangerously low heart rate (bradycardia).

There are other types of explosion injuries that are not listed above. If you suffered an injury that is not discussed in this article, you should speak with an experienced Queens explosion injury attorney to discuss your potential claim.

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