Case Results

$3,400,000Work Injury

The client, a sanitation worker, fell over a pothole inside the depot yard; They required knee, wrist and elbow surgery. They were approved for ¾ pay and Social Security Disability Insurance.

$2,600,000Construction Accident

53-year-old construction worker was involved in a rear end motor vehicle accident. Lumbar fusion was required and the client was unable to return to work.

$2,516,858Wrongful Death

Client was assaulted and stabbed during a fight at a house party; mistaken identity.

$1,800,000Car Accident

46-year-old mechanic driving company car involved in intersection accident with vehicle turning left in front of him. Neck fusion required. Also received Workers’ Compensation and approved for Social Security Disability Insurance.

$1,712,000Assault Injury

Assault of patron in a bar by other intoxicated patron; Dram Shop. Hearing impairment.

$1,400,000Distracted Driving Accident

80-year-old moped rider forced off the road by distracted driver: Fractured rib, punctured lung, lacerated liver with internal bleeding: Negotiated settlement for full policy limits, pre-suit.

$1,200,000Motorcycle Accident

36-year-old male motorcyclist hit delivery truck that failed to stop at stop sign; fractured pelvis with surgery: returned to work after 2.5 months, 18 months physical therapy.

$1,200,000Car Accident

75-year-old woman in wheelchair; struck by vehicle, fractured leg with surgery.

$1,100,000Construction Accident

Construction worker tripped and fell on construction debris on site. Rotator Cuff injury with surgical repair with 5 months physical therapy; 4 months lost time.

$880,000Truck Accident

59 year old male involved in MVA involving a commercial truck. Fractured shoulder with surgery; torn knee with surgery. 4 months lost work; 10 months physical therapy.

$800,000Slip and Fall

Slip and fall in lobby of building, Hamstring Rupture with surgery; failure to warn.


For the family of a 48-year-old unemployed inmate that committed suicide in a City Jail.

$600,000Construction Accident

55-year-old Construction Worker who fell while taping a ceiling using construction stilts. Knee tear with surgery; 2 months out of work and 5 months physical therapy.


80-year-old female knocked to ground by unleashed dog. Fractured tibia.


School custodian injured when construction material fell on him injuring his neck; surgical discectomy: Client was subsequently incarcerated indefinitely on an unrelated matter prior to trial resulting in negotiated settlement.


40-year-old male tripped and fell over an uneven step. Fractured ankle with boot for 8 weeks. No surgery or lost wages.


38-year-old female trip and fall over raised sidewalk: less than one inch discrepancy. Fractured forearm with surgery; no lost wages.

$300,000Pedestrian Accident

80-year-old male pedestrian struck by turning taxi; driver claimed no contact: fractured hip with surgery: Settled for policy limits.

$300,000Pedestrian Accident

70-year-old female pedestrian struck by pickup making a right turn at night; fractured hip with surgery: Settled for full policy limits pre-suit.

$225,000Car Accident

47-year-old female, involved in motor vehicle accident at intersection with 4 way stop signs. Fractured finger; splint for 3 weeks; hairline fracture of knee cap, 3 weeks immobilizer, no further treatment.

$185,000Premises Liability Accident

45-year-old male: trip and fall on defective sidewalk during a storm: Fractured arm with shoulder injury: physical therapy for a few months. No lost wages.


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$3,400,000Work Injury Settlement

The client, a sanitation worker, fell over a pothole inside the depot yard; They required knee, wrist and elbow surgery. They were approved for ¾ pay and Social Security Disability Insurance.

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