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The construction industry in one where injuries can occur very easily if safety protocols and procedures are not followed. In fact, according to statistics provided by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), one in five deaths that occurs in private industry occurs in construction. The wrongful death lawers of Sullivan & Galleshaw stand up for workers and visitors to the premises who have been wrongfully killed at a construction site. We work to hold those responsible for your loved one’s death financially accountable and work with the family each and every step of the way.

What Are the Most Frequent Violations & Dangers at Work Sites Identified by OSHA?

OSHA has identified a number of threats that are particularly pronounced at construction sites and work sites. While the list is far from comprehensive, it does capture many of the more common risks faced by construction workers daily. These common dangers include:

  • Fall protection & construction – Fall protection can be improved by utilizing guard railings, toe-boards, harnesses, and safety nets. Furthermore, by keeping the work site devoid of dangers or debris, the incidences of worker falls and falling object injuries can be greatly reduced. Ladders at construction sites are one of the most frequently cited reasons for potentially fatal construction site falls.
  • Hazard communication standard – Workers who work with chemicals deserve to know the dangerous and risks they are facing. HCS requires chemical manufacturers & importers to evaluate the dangers of their products and prepare labels & safety data sheets. Furthermore, employers with hazardous chemicals at the workplace must make labels and safety data available to workers exposed to hazardous chemicals and provide them with training.
  • Scaffolding – Scaffolding is an essential part of construction work, but an improperly installed one can result in serious injury or death. Regardless of whether a suspended, supported, or other type of scaffold is being used one should be sure to comply with all safety standards to reduce the risk of injury or death.
  • Respiratory protection – About 5 million workers are required to use respirators in the course of their employment to prevent lung impairment, cancer, COPD, other conditions, or death. Respirators can filter the air or provide clean air to the worker.
  • Powered industrial equipment — Fork lifts, lift trucks, cranes and other powered vehicles are essential to warehouse & construction operations and many other industries.  While some vehicles are susceptible to tipping, other vehicles could present different challenges like blind spots. In other circumstances a worker could drive a industrial truck off of a ramp or lift or collide with another worker or worker’s vehicle resulting in serious injury or death.
  • Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout) – Control of electrical energy, control devices, and lockout/tagout procedures are essential to prevent electrical burns or death. A new rule that became effective in July of 2014 provides workers with additional protections against electrical hazards
  • Machinery and Machine Guarding — Machinery has many moving parts where body parts or clothing can become trapped. In some instances a limb could be lost; in others the worker can be pulled into the machine and killed.

The foregoing captures a number of the risks present at a construction site that can result in serious injury or death. However, the top four reasons for death at a construction site are falls (36.9%), hit by an object or falling object (10.3%), electrocutions (8.9%), and workers who are caught-in or between machinery & objects (2.6%). While most workplace injury claims are handled through the workers’ compensation program there may be limited circumstances where you may bring additional causes of action.

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