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Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP makes headlines for both our legal commentary on national television shows and case results we deliver for our clients. The personal injury claims we handle have returned verdicts in the millions of dollars, ensuring that the injured recover every dollar they deserve for the hardships they’ve had to go through due to the negligence of others.

Our results, commentary, an opinions concerning our claims and legal topics making headlines around the country have been profiled on a variety of nationally distributed publications, including The Washington Times, the New York Post, and the New York Law Journal. We believe strongly that every client deserves the strongest legal counsel possible, and that their stories demand attention to help prevent similar accidents or incidents in the future.

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The New York Post

The New York Post featured our attorney, Keith Sullivan, assisting clients in stopping a local hospital from pulling the plug on their young child’s life support systems.

Don’t Let My Child Go Yet

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NY Daily News

Read NY Daily News topics ranging from a hospital pursued for damages for releasing a suicidal man to claims made for damages after Hurricane Sandy.

Power Authority Blamed for Sandy FiresHospital Charged Over Release of Suicidal Son Medal of Honor Recipient; No Special Treatment

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Los Angeles Times

Our lawyers force an advertising agency to pull a controversial ad about 9/11 that allegedly involved a misled NYFD firefighter.

Controversial 9/11 Ad Pulled, Agency Says

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Rockaway Wave

Lawsuits filed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy get the green light to move ahead. Read how our attorneys fight for victims.

Sandy Lawsuit Against LIPA Gets Green LightLIPA Fixes Up After SandyRead More from the Rockaway Wave…

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Queens Chronicle

Our legal team never stops working for our clients. Read how our attorneys moved this lawsuit for fires caused by Hurricane Sandy forward.

Breezy Point Fire Suit Clears the First Hurdle

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Long Island Press

Our senior citizens deserve every protection under the law when entrusted to nursing home care. Read how Sullivan & Gallishaw, LLP is making a difference for them.

Nursing Home Financial Scandal

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Queens Courier

Holding the negligent responsible for the injuries they cause is integral component of our legal services. Read how our lawyers aren’t afraid to take on insurance companies.

Teen Bomb Makers Shock Neighbors Lawsuit Filed against Power Companies for Sandy Fire


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What Our Clients Say:

“James is the best lawyer I have ever had. I would strongly recommend him. I would even go as far as to say you would have to be crazy to use anyone else. He is extremely knowledgeable, quick thinker and always available to answer your questions. He is motivated, energetic and will do whatever it takes to win. The best quality James has and one that you will not find in other lawyers is that HE CARES!!!.”


Recent Result:

$3,400,000Work Injury Settlement

The client, a sanitation worker, fell over a pothole inside the depot yard; They required knee, wrist and elbow surgery. They were approved for ¾ pay and Social Security Disability Insurance.

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