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Common Cases of Chemical Exposure in Queens, NY

Exposures to dangerous chemicals happen more frequently than many people think. Individuals who have been exposed to hazardous chemicals can develop severe, life-threatening conditions. Many times, chemical exposure cases are associated with workplaces and specific occupations. However, injuries and illnesses caused by chemical exposure can happen in many different settings. Typical examples of chemical exposure in Queens include:

Workplace Exposure

Over the years, there have been numerous cases involving exposure to dangerous chemicals at the workplace. Generally, some specific workers are at higher risk of developing a severe condition due to chemical exposure at the workplace. For instance, construction workers often have to work around – or directly with – chemical substances such as abrasives, thinners, and solvents. There have been many cases where these workers have been negligently exposed to these substances, which have led to severe injuries or the development of a critical health issue.

Similarly, pharmaceutical workers often work directly with chemicals. Part of their job requires using safety equipment to avoid exposure, contamination, and injuries. Unfortunately, many workers have been injured due to the negligence of their employers. Negligent exposure to dangerous chemicals has been a significant concern over the years. Our Queens chemical exposure injury lawyers can help you.

Chemical Exposure at Home

Chemical exposure at home has also become a problem for many families in Queens. Exposure to dangerous chemicals can happen for two reasons: chemical materials used in construction, and chemical home products. Decades ago, housing developers used asbestos during the construction process. Asbestos has been known as a dangerous chemical that can cause severe injury to the lungs. Unsuspecting homeowners have been exposed to this harmful chemical without previous warning.

Additionally, many people have been injured or have been exposed to chemicals used at home. Many times, injured victims were not warned about the dangers of using “x” products, which led to injuries. If you have been exposed to chemicals at home, we may be able to help.

Environmental Exposure

Environmental exposure to dangerous chemicals happens when families or individuals are injured or develop a severe condition caused by negligent companies. There have been many cases where manufacturers and other businesses dump chemicals to water streams or release toxic fumes, causing devastating injuries and health issues to the people around them. If you were exposed and injured by chemicals, we may assist you.

Filing a Chemical Exposure Lawsuit in Queens, NY

An individual facing a severe injury or suffering from a condition caused by exposure to chemicals in Queens can file a claim against the liable parties. Generally, you may have two options: a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim. A workers’ compensation claim is available to workers who have been injured or have developed a health condition at the workplace. The workers’ compensation system usually provides medical and financial assistance to qualifying individuals. Conversely, a personal injury claim may be available to individuals exposed and injured by chemicals outside of their workplaces – or workers outside the workers’ comp system via an exception.

Generally, workers who are exposed to chemicals at the workplace file their claim, following the rules set forth by the workers’ compensation system. However, there is a caveat. Workers who receive workers’ compensation benefits are often barred from filing a claim directly against their employers. This means that, as an injured worker, you may only get compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages. However, your workers’ compensation claim will not provide coverage for your pain and suffering.

On the other hand, you may recover compensation for all of your losses through a personal injury claim. In these cases, the plaintiff has to prove the defendant’s negligence in order to get compensation. You can achieve this by providing evidence demonstrating the existence of all the elements in your claim. These elements are known as a legal duty, breach, causation, and harm. If you can prove your case successfully, the court may grant you compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A personal injury claim may be available to workers outside of the workers’ compensation system. Generally, two exceptions may provide you with the basis for a personal injury lawsuit in Queens. Your employer may be exposed to respond directly for your losses if he or she denies you workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, your employer may be liable if he or she engaged in gross negligence.

Gross negligence refers to voluntary action or omission, showing complete disregard for another person’s safety. For instance, if your employer knew that you needed protective equipment to handle dangerous chemicals and forced you to work anyway, you may have a cause of action.

There is no way to determine how much compensation you can expect from your case. However, our Queens chemical exposure injury lawyers can help you understand how much your case may be worth.

Queens, NY Chemical Exposure Injury Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

If you or a loved one was exposed to dangerous chemicals in Queens, NY, we may be able to assist. Backed by years of experience handling countless personal injury claims in NY, we are able to hold the liable parties accountable for your losses. We will work tirelessly to protect your interests and fight for the compensation you deserve. Call the law offices of Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP today for your free, confidential consultation. Our phone number is (877) 311-4878.


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