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When entering into an agreement with an insurance company, we often expect that the insurance company will honor the agreement when an accident occurs. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may attempt to diminish a person’s claim to avoid having to take liability for an accident or injury. When this happens, an insurance company may be sued on various grounds. If an insurance company denied your valid claim, you should consult with an experienced NYC insurance company lawsuit attorney.

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Common Claims Against NYC Insurance Companies

Insurance can be used to provide coverage in various industries, from auto insurance to homeownership. Insured parties expect their insurance company to step in when disasters occur in order to minimize or eliminate the expenses associated with a particular accident. For example, if a person were involved in a car crash, they would first turn to their insurance company to help with vehicle damages and medical expenses.

In some cases, an insurance company may not provide compensation for an insured party. If this occurs, an insured may wonder if they have a claim against the insurance company. The following is a list of common causes types of claims that are often filed against insurance companies.

Breach of Contract Claims

The agreement between an insured party and an insurance company is considered a contract. This means that both of the parties involved must abide by the terms of the contract. For instance, failure to provide compensation after a car accident that meets a provision of the contract could mean that an insurance company has breached the contract.

Every insurance coverage contract should have terms that make it obvious to an insured person when the insurance company is obligated to reimburse the insured for damages. If an insurance company ignores the terms in the contract, this could result in legal liability for breach of contract.

Bad Faith Claims

In NYC, insurance companies are obligated to defend an insured person under a number of circumstances often set within the terms of a contract. Insurance companies often request a wealth of information regarding an incident to determine whether a person meets the standard to have the company defend their claim. For example, if a driver is wrongly accused of causing an accident, an insurance company will likely have a duty to defend that party.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies may attempt to avoid representing an insured party in order to save money and resources. Other instances of bad faith claims include:

  • Asking the insured party for excessive documentation regarding a claim
  • Using highly-specific interpretations of contract terms to avoid reimbursing insured party after an accident
  • Wrongly blaming the insured for causing an accident
  • Making a poor settlement offer on behalf of the insured
  • Unnecessary delays to avoid handling the claim of the insured

There are other types of claims that can be made against an insurance company. For example, an insurance company may be sued for failing to represent an insured party during a valid claim. If you wish to file a lawsuit against an insurance company, you should consult with an experienced NYC insurance claim attorney.

When to File an Insurance Claim in NYC

If your insurance company failed to provide you with coverage after an accident, you might be able to file a valid lawsuit against them. Civil lawsuits are subject to the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations determines the length of time that a claimant has to file a particular type of lawsuit.

Many lawsuits against NYC insurance companies will be brought as a breach of contract claim as the company’s illicit actions may have breached the contract. In New York, lawsuits for breach of contract have a six-year statute of limitations. When a claimant does not file their lawsuit within six years, they risk having their claim barred. Specifically, the defendant can request that the court dismisses the lawsuit because it violates the filing deadline set by the statute of limitations.

If you are confused about the filing deadline for your case, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Waiting too long to file a lawsuit can have many consequences. For example, if your claim is quickly approaching the statute of limitations deadline, you may have trouble securing an attorney willing to take your case. An experienced attorney may be worried about filing a claim without having a sufficient amount of time to prepare a complaint and perform other tasks.

Additionally, waiting too long to file a claim also means that you may not have another option to pursue compensation. Insurance is intended to be a safety net when the unexpected occurs. If an insurance company does not wish to reimburse the insured, they should pursue alternative means to secure compensation as soon as possible.

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