Can You Sue if You Are Injured in an Apartment in Brooklyn?

Your home should be one of the places where a person feels the safest. However, this expectation can be undermined if a negligent landlord fails to maintain their property. Fortunately, you may be able to recover compensation if you were injured due to the negligence...

Can You Sue if You Are Injured in Your Apartment in NYC?

A tenant at an apartment should not be subject to an injury due to the negligence of a landlord. Unfortunately, some property owners will fail to adequately maintain their property, which can lead to a serious accident for a tenant. If you or a family member were...

Can You Sue if You are Injured in an Apartment in Queens?

It is normal for a tenant of an apartment to expect a landlord to keep their premises free of any safety hazards that could seriously harm a tenant. Unfortunately, some landlords may neglect to maintain their properties, which could easily lead to a tenant suffering...

Can You Sue if You Are Injured in an Apartment in Manhattan?

A landlord has the duty of care to ensure that his or her property is frequently maintained. However, some landlords may avoid performing maintenance in an effort to retain more profits or because they do not care for the safety of their tenants. Fortunately, a tenant...

How Long Do You Have to Sue a Doctor in NYC?

Many patients do not expect that they will have to file a lawsuit against a doctor that they trusted to provide them with medical care. Unfortunately, some patients may suffer a severe injury due to the negligent actions of a doctor. If you or a family member was...

Can You Sue a Doctor in NYC?

When a person selects a doctor to treat their injuries or conditions, they likely do not expect that they will have to file a medical malpractice claim against that doctor. However, some doctors fail to act diligently when treating a patient, which could lead to...

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$3,400,000Work Injury Settlement

The client, a sanitation worker, fell over a pothole inside the depot yard; They required knee, wrist and elbow surgery. They were approved for ¾ pay and Social Security Disability Insurance.

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