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Sexual abuse is a heinous crime that can leave a victim physically and mentally scarred for life. This crime is even more egregious when it is committed by members of the church that we trusted. Fortunately, the State of New York has made it easier to pursue claims against priests that engage in sexual abuse. If you were a victim of sexual abuse committed by Bishop John J. Boardman, consult with an experienced Brooklyn sexual abuse attorney today.

Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP is determined to help victims of sexual abuse confront the individuals that were responsible for their cruel treatment. Our firm understands how hard it can be to come forward as a victim of sexual abuse, and we are here for you. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP at (718) 593-4056, or contact us online.

Common Forms of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a crime that can be committed under a number of circumstances. In some cases, victims of sexual abuse may not be aware that the treatment they endured was a form of sexual abuse. Often the reason for this is that children that are sexually abused could have been deceived by a person they believed had their best interest at heart. Unfortunately, the hundreds of allegations against members of the Diocese of Brooklyn may show that this trust was used to take advantage of people.

It is difficult to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against a clergy member. As mentioned, every victim may not be aware of what kind of sexual misconduct can open an individual to legal liability. Sexual abuse can encompass physical or verbal actions. For example, if a priest made a sexually explicit towards a child regarding their body, this is a form of sexual abuse. Even a comment or multiple comments can cause a child to experience traumatic feelings of guilt, shame, and other types of emotional distress. Other types of sexual abuse include:

  • Rape
  • Touching, fondling, kissing, or any other type of unwanted intimate contact; consent is not a factor if the victim is a child
  • A child being coerced into a sexual act with their abuser or another person
  • Watching a child engage in a sexual act
  • Flashing intimate body parts to a child
  • Exposing a child to pornographic material or forcing a child to film pornographic material
  • Displaying sexual material involving a child or possessing said material

This is not an exhaustive list; there are other forms of sexual abuse that an abuser can commit against a child or an adult. If you believe you were a victim of sexual abuse, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Brooklyn sexual misconduct lawyer.

When to File a Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit in NY

Filing any type of sexual misconduct lawsuit against an abuser can be tough on a victim. If a victim thinks their claim will not be taken seriously, they may avoid filing the claim entirely for a period of time. During this time, the statute of limitations on their case may expire.

The statute of limitations is a law that dictates the length of time that a plaintiff has to file a case against a defendant for a particular type of claim. If a plaintiff does not file their case within this timeframe, the court will bar their claim, and they will be unable to pursue compensation for their injury.

The State of New York recognized that several allegations against clergy members like Bishop John Boardman and others could not be brought because of the lapse of the statute of limitations on the cases of dozens of victims. As a result, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases was increased by the New York Child Victims Act (CVA). The CVA permits victims of sexual abuse to file civil lawsuits against their abuser until they reach the age of 55.

Additionally, if the statute of limitations on your case had already expired by the time the CVA went into effect on August 14, 2019, you have been granted one year to file your case.

It is important to note that a victim of sexual assault can bring a legal claim against a clergy member and the institution that employed them when they engaged in sexual misconduct. For example, if Bishop Boardman sexually abused children while working at a school, the bishop and the school could be held legally liable. It is also important to know that the CVA extends to other types of sexual abuse cases, not involving members of the church.

Work with Our Experienced Brooklyn Sexual Assault Lawyer Today

If you or a family member was sexually abused by Bishop Boardman or another member of the Brooklyn diocese, contact an experienced Brooklyn sexual assault lawyer today. With over 30 years of combined legal experience, the personal injury lawyers at Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP would be honored to use their knowledge to help you pursue your claim. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP at (718) 593-4056.


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