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Rental landlords have many laws in place that stop them from entering apartment units and interfering with what the tenant does in their own home.  However, landlords are actively encouraged to keep the common areas safe and hire staff to keep these areas clean and functional.  If you are injured in an apartment building or other rental building because the landlord or property manager failed repair dangers and defects in common areas, talk to an attorney about suing today.

Sullivan and Galleshaw’s Brooklyn attorneys for suing rental landlords for injury may be able to help with your case.  Our attorneys offer free legal consultations to help you understand your right to sue and how much your case could be worth.  To schedule a free legal consultation with our attorneys today, call us at (877) 311-HURT.

Suing a Landlord for Injuries in New York City

Landlords and property management companies typically own the building and lease individual units to the tenants that live there.  This means that any problems and dangers inside an apartment unit are probably the responsibility of the tenant – but the common areas and outside of the building are usually left to the landlord to handle.  This means that any dangers in these areas are the landlord’s responsibility, as are any injuries these dangers cause.

“Premises liability” injuries are injuries caused by slip and falls, trip and falls, drowning, electrocution, and other dangers and defects on someone else’s property.  Typically, these defects and dangers only cause injuries if they are hidden, as people can avoid obvious dangers more easily than small or secret dangers.  Things like wet floors, icy sidewalks, or loose handrails might be tough to spot and commonly lead to injuries.

It is up to a landlord to monitor their property for hidden dangers and continue to repair and warn of these dangers to avoid injuries.  If you are injured on the property, you may be able to sue for your injuries.

You do not typically need to be a tenant at the apartment to sue for injuries.  As long as you are on the property legally, whether because you live there or because a tenant invited you, the property owner owes you a duty to clean up, repair, or warn about hidden dangers.  If they fail to do so, you typically have the legal grounds to take them to court.

How Lease Agreements Affect Your Right to Sue

When you rent an apartment or condo, the lease you sign usually details rules about how you can sue your landlord and what rights you have.  While many leases try to limit your right to sue your landlord, these limitations usually involve issues regarding costs and rent, not serious injuries.  Still, each case is different and it is important to talk to a lawyer about whether your lease limits your right to sue your landlord.

If you were injured at someone else’s apartment, there should be virtually nothing limiting your right to sue.  A lease agreement is a contract between the tenant and the landlord, so if you were injured as a guest to someone else’s apartment, you are not part of that contract and should have no impediment on your right to sue.  Our attorneys may be able to take the building owner or management company to court and fight to get you full compensation for your injuries.

Compensation for Premises Liability Injuries at Apartments in Brooklyn, NYC

The damages you face from an injury at an apartment depend on the severity of your injuries.  Many accidents cause injuries that require emergency medical treatment or at least a visit to the doctor to treat.  More severe cases can require ongoing medical attention, hospitalization, time off work, and substantial pain and suffering.  Our attorneys explain the potential damages you could receive by suing a landlord for injuries and how to calculate these damages.

Any medical expenses you face from the injury should be covered in full.  While lesser injuries might require stitches or a split/brace, more serious injuries like brain trauma or spinal injuries sustained in a fall could require hospitalization and years of physical therapy, surgeries, and rehabilitation.  Save any medical bills or statements related to your case because these help you prove your injuries in court and calculate damages.

Any wages you miss because of the injuries should also be paid as damages.  If your injuries make it impossible to return to work or keep you out of work during the recovery stages, you will miss paychecks that the responsible party should compensate you for.  This should also include projected damages for lost earning capacity going forward.

If your injury is severe, you will suffer physical pain and mental or emotional damage from the injury.  These damages are impossible to put a price tag on, but your attorney can analyze the severity of your case and compare it to other similar cases to help you find the appropriate level of damages to claim for pain and suffering.

Never accept a settlement for your injury case before talking to a lawyer.  The defendant and their insurance company may try to undervalue your case, so it is vital to talk to an attorney to see what your case should be worth.

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Sullivan and Galleshaw’s Brooklyn attorneys for suing rental landlords for injury may be able to take your case.  We can help you get the compensation you need if you were injured in a staircase, lobby, elevator, or another common area at an apartment building in Brooklyn or anywhere in New York City.  To schedule a free consultation and learn more about your claim and how much your case could be worth, contact our law offices today at (877) 311-HURT.


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