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The Importance of Foreseeability in NY Malpractice Cases

The Importance of Foreseeability in NY Malpractice Cases

Medical professionals are expected to assume responsibility for their wrongdoing. However, many doctors will try to avoid responsibility by claiming the harm came as a surprise or, in legal terms, was unforeseeable. “Foreseeability of risk” in malpractice cases is a legal concept centered on the notion that professionals are generally expected to take precautions to...

Can You Sue for a Pedestrian Accident if You Are Hit by Uber or Lyft in NYC?

Ubers and Lyfts practically fill the streets of large cities like New York City. With more cars on the road, there are inevitably more car accidents. Unfortunately, the people who usually face the worst injuries from a car crash are pedestrians who are hit while on foot. If you or a loved one was hit...

Can You Still Sue for a Car Accident in NYC if there Are No Accident Photos?

Suing for a car accident is a complex process. There are many ways to prove your case and get the compensation you need, and photographs of the accident can be a very helpful way to show a jury or insurance company the information they need to rule in your favor. However, photos of the accident...

Motorcycle Safety Statistics in NYC

In New York City, parking and maneuvering in traffic can be considerably easier on a motorcycle or a moped than in a car. Many New Yorkers ride motorcycles, and many of them are injured each year in motorcycle crashes. The Queens motorcycle accident lawyers at Sullivan and Galleshaw discuss some motorcycle safety statistics and tips...

The Statute of Limitations on Brain Injury Claims in New York

Brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries you can sustain in an accident. These injuries can affect your life for years to come, requiring intensive surgical intervention, ongoing therapy, and help with day-to-day activities. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident and suffered a serious brain injury, you may...

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Case

Everything You “Post” Can and Will Be Used Against You! Most people are familiar with the criminal ‘Miranda Warning’; “Anything you say can and will be used against you…”. It is often employed as a punctuation mark to convey to the viewer of a TV show or movie that the bad guy has been nailed....


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