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Common Types of Premises Claims in New York City

“Premises liability” is a field of law dealing with injuries that occur on someone else’s property.  There are dozens of ways that you can be injured because of unsafe conditions on someone else’s property.  Many people are familiar with slip and fall accidents, but you can sue property owners for many types of injuries at their house or business.  If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a hidden danger on the premises of someone else’s house, in a store, at work, or anywhere else, talk to an attorney today.  The Queens premises liability lawyers at Sullivan and Galleshaw offer free consultations on personal injury cases in New York.

Types of Accidents from Dangerous Premises in New York

A property owner owes guests to their property a duty to keep the land and buildings free from hidden dangers that might cause injury or death.  In many cases, property owners are expected to check their property and review it for potential dangers.  If they find a danger, they need to either repair it or warn guests to watch out for the danger.  Obvious dangers, like a fire pit, may not require a warning, but diligent owners usually place railings or warnings around these items as well.

If the property owner (or their agent) fails to warn about a danger, it could lead to injuries.  When a party fails to fulfill a duty they owe you, such as the duty to warn about or repair hidden dangers, you can often sue them for their negligence.  This can recover compensation for your medical expenses, any wages you miss because of the injury, and even direct compensation for your pain and suffering.  Common examples of people being injured because a property owner failed to fix a danger on their property include the following types of accidents:

Icy Sidewalk Accidents

During the winter, many property owners hate shoveling.  However, sidewalks and paths can become very dangerous if the owner fails to salt them or shovel the snow.  Ideally, a property owner would both clear the snow and ice the pathway so that it doesn’t freeze later.  However, the duty they owe passersby and guests is a duty to clear the snow as a reasonable property owner in their situation would.  New York City ordinances and ordinances in other towns may create specific duties to clear the snow within a certain time limit to help enforce these duties and prevent injuries.  But if homeowners don’t clear the snow, and you get injured because of it, you could be entitled to file a lawsuit for your fall.

Indoor Spills and Wet Floors

Most people have seen the tented yellow signs that warn of wet floors.  Especially in lobbies on rainy days or in bathrooms during cleaning, you may see these signs to warn guests of the potential puddles and the risk of slipping.  Slip and fall injuries from these kinds of puddles can lead to surprisingly severe injuries, especially if the victim lands on their back suffering from back and spine injuries, or if they hit their head and suffer traumatic brain injury.  These and other spills, e.g. spilled drinks in a bar or restaurant or spilled products in a grocery store, are responsible for many injuries.  Though the “Caution: Wet Floor” sign would fulfill the property owner’s duty to warn you, you may still sue in many cases where there was no sign or where the sign was poorly placed.

Stairway Accidents

Many stairway injuries occur because of uneven stairs or broken or wobbly handrails.  When steps are uneven, either because of damage to the steps or poor design, people can snag their foot on the edge of a step and trip.  This sudden fall is difficult to brace for and can cause pretty severe injuries.  People should also be able to rely on handrails and railings on stairs, especially ones that have a high drop-off on the other side of the railing.  If these railings are weak or broken, someone leaning against the railing could fall straight through, potentially falling multiple stories.  The same dangers are present for railings and handrails on balconies, porches, decks, and other raised platforms.

Sharp and Broken Objects

Collapsing chairs, broken door handles, shards of glass on a barroom floor, and other hidden dangers can leave terrible injuries.  Grasping something you didn’t know was sharp or falling into a sharp or dangerous object can mean suffering severe cuts and lacerations.  Especially if these cuts are deep or are located in sensitive areas (such as the face or near arteries and veins), the victim could suffer moderate to severe blood loss and may require medical intervention.

Queens Premises Liability Injury Attorneys with Free Consultations

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