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Here Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in NYC

Car accidents happen throughout the City every day. Most accidents are fender benders and may not even cause enough vehicle damage for drivers to worry about it. In more serious cases, pedestrians and cyclists are hit by cars and trucks, or cars are involved in high-speed accidents. The Queens car accident lawyers at Sullivan and Galleshaw are here to discuss some of the most dangerous intersections for intersection car accidents and bike accidents in New York City. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident at any of these locations – or anywhere else in the City – contact our law offices today to schedule a free legal consultation to understand if you have a case and what your case might be worth.

Deadliest Intersections in New York City

It goes without saying that there are millions of intersections in New York. Many are not on heavily traveled roads, but the sheer volume of roads makes it difficult to accurately compare roads and intersections. In many cases, some roads are notoriously worse for vehicle accidents, while other intersections have more pedestrian accidents or bicycle accidents. Because of this, we’ve taken a simple approach to choosing the “most dangerous” intersections and will be discussing the most dangerous intersection in each of the Five Boroughs.


The intersection of 2nd Avenue and East 59th Street has seen as many as 150 accidents per year, according to a study by a former employee of the Mayor’s Office of Data and Analytics, Aleksey Bilogur, in 2016. This study points out that, while this intersection is itself quite dangerous, the rest of the streets and many intersections in that area are similarly dangerous, seeing around 600 accidents per year on 2nd Avenue between 57th and 63rd streets.


The intersection of Tillary Street and Flatbush Avenue is considered the most dangerous intersection not only in New York City but in the entire State of New York. One source says this intersection has seen around 425 accidents between 2012 and 2017. According to Bilogur’s study, this intersection was estimated to have 180 accidents per year. This area has an on-ramp to the Manhattan bridge, access to the Brooklyn Bridge, and an off-ramp for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which leads to exceptional traffic and a higher risk of accidents.


When multiple roads come together, intersections are harder to navigate and can lead to more accidents. The intersection of Bushwick Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, and the Jackie Robinson Parkway is a relatively dangerous intersection. This area is close to the Belt Parkway and sees a lot of traffic coming on and off that highway, leading to more accidents in the area.

The Bronx

East 138th Street and Alexander Avenue is the worst intersection in The Bronx. The Bronx typically sees less accidents than more populous boroughs like Manhattan, Queens, and especially Brooklyn, but there are still dangerous intersections with high accident rates in this borough.

Staten Island

Staten Island is the most difficult borough for which to pin down the single most dangerous intersection. The rate of accidents in this area is much lower, so most intersections never see more than a handful of accidents each year. Without a clear outlier, it would be unfair to pick a specific “most dangerous” intersection. However, it is important to note that statistics overwhelmingly show that vehicle collisions are more common in Staten Island as opposed to pedestrian and bicycle accidents, compared to the rates in the other boroughs.

Suing for Car Accidents in New York City

If you were injured in an accident in NYC, you may be entitled to file a claim for compensation. Filing a claim through your insurance company is encouraged by NY’s “no-fault” insurance laws, but if your injuries are sufficiently severe or cause at least $50,000 worth of damages, you may be able to sue in court instead of using insurance. If you were injured on foot or while riding a bicycle, you might not have car insurance, and you could be entitled to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

When you sue for injuries after a car crash, you can claim damages for any injuries or harms you face because of the accident, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To receive these damages, you must be able to prove that you were injured because of the at-fault party’s “negligence.” This means showing that they did something wrong or violated some traffic law that makes them at-fault for your crash. Things like speeding, drunk driving, or other serious errors in judgment can help the court determine that the other driver was responsible for your injuries.

To receive compensation for your injuries, you must also be able to prove the harms you suffered. Medical bills, pay stubs, bank statements, and other financial information can show the expenses you faced because of the injury and the compensation you should be owed. Proving damages for pain and suffering is much more subjective, but you can still claim compensation for these kinds of intangible harms.

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