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There are a lot of opportunities to get injured in restaurants; you can slip and fall on a slick surface, suffer food poisoning from a dish that was improperly prepared, or get assaulted by an employee of the restaurant. If you or someone close to you experienced any of these injuries in a restaurant in New York City, you might be able to hold the restaurant accountable.

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Common Injuries That Occur in Restaurants

Restaurants can be dangerous places. Between the liquids and slippery substances, hot food products, and large number of people moving quickly throughout a space, the risk of injury is high. The following are the most common injuries that can be suffered in a restaurant in New York City.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall injuries in restaurants happen when someone loses their footing and falls on a part of the property that should have been properly maintained or slips on a liquid (such as a spilled food or beverage or water that has leaked from a pipe) that was not cleaned up. A lawsuit filed against a restaurant for a slip and fall injury is a type of a premises liability claim, which means that it will have to be proven that the property owner’s negligence is the reason for your injury.

Food Poisoning

If food is mishandled or the place where it is prepared is unclean, it can lead to food poisoning. The symptoms of food poisoning may be immediate in some cases, but in others, the symptoms may not appear for a few days or even weeks; the most common symptoms of food poisoning include nausea, diarrhea, dehydration, muscle weakness, stomach cramps and abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, and fever. In some severe cases, it can even cause death. The most common types of food poisoning that can result from eating in a NYC restaurant include campylobacter, E. coli, hepatitis A, and salmonella.

Getting food poisoning from a restaurant often means that the food was not properly stored or prepared, the staff was not properly trained to handle the food, or the products were expired. All of these are examples of negligence. If you experienced food poisoning after eating at a NYC restaurant, it is likely that you will be able to file a lawsuit against the restaurant.


Restaurants are generally not responsible for the criminal acts of third parties that take place on their premises. However, there are certain acts of assault that restaurants can be held responsible for. If a restaurant owner knew that someone else was going to attack you but did not do anything to prevent the attack from happening, the restaurant might be held responsible. A restaurant may also be held responsible for an assault if it was committed by an employee of the restaurant.

Proving a Restaurant’s Negligence After an Injury

To win a personal injury lawsuit against a restaurant, you and your legal representation will need to show that the restaurant was negligent. Establishing negligence requires proving four things. Firstly, you will need to show that the restaurant had a duty to prevent your injury and that the restaurant breached that duty by failing to prevent harm. You and your legal representation will then need to demonstrate that the restaurant’s breach of duty was the direct cause of harm and that your harm necessitates damages.

Following an injury in a restaurant, there are certain steps that you can take to increase your chances of winning your personal injury case. The first thing that you should do immediately following your injury is to seek medical attention, which will prove that your injury was in fact substantial.

Immediately following your injury, you should gather materials that show what happened: photos of the scene of the injury and descriptions of events from witnesses will help you demonstrate that the restaurant’s negligence led to your injury. As soon as you’re done getting medical attention for your injury, get in touch with a NYC attorney for injuries that occur at restaurants. Keep thorough documentation of the ways in which your life has been affected by your injury, including medical bills and wages lost while you were recovering.

Damages for Injuries That Occur at Restaurants

Victims of injuries that occur in restaurants can often receive compensatory damages. The damages that victims of restaurant injuries can receive include wages that were lost due to an inability to work, lost future earning potential, property damage, medical expenses (doctor and hospital bills, medical devices, prescription medication, etc.), and pain and suffering (for the past, present, and future). If the restaurant was especially reckless, wanton, or malicious, you might be able to receive punitive damages as well.

NYC Attorney for Injuries at Restaurants Offering Consultations

The NYC personal injury attorneys at Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP, can take care of filing a lawsuit against the restaurant that was responsible for your injury while you focus on recovering. Don’t allow the injury that you suffered in a New York City restaurant to burden you with debt. File a lawsuit against the responsible party so that you can get the compensation you deserve. Call Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP, at (877) 311-4878 today to learn more about how to move forward with your case.


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