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When traveling with an intercity transportation company like Bolt Bus, we expect to be provided with a safe ride to our destination. However, there are several circumstances where a passenger could be injured due to the negligence of the Bolt Bus driver. When this occurs, an injured passenger should not hesitate to seek compensation. If you or a family member was injured in a Bolt Bus accident, contact an experienced NYC Bolt Bus accident lawyer today.

At Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP, we are devoted to providing you with the unique legal representation needed for your claim. We understand how a serious bus injury could affect a person, and we are to stand with you. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP at (877) 311-4878, or contact us online.

Common Causes of Bolt Bus Accidents in NYC

Bolt Bus is a common carrier that operates in multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada. With the number of routes offered by Bolt Bus across the United States, it is reasonable to understand that some buses can be involved in serious accidents.

If a Bolt Bus is involved in a serious accident in NYC, the passengers injured should be aware of what caused the accident if they wish to file a claim against the company. The following is a list of common causes of bus accidents that could lead to passenger injuries.

Fatigued Driver

Bolt Bus offers limited-stop and nonstop rides to various cities across the United States. As many of these trips can take several hours, it is important that Bolt Bus sets a work schedule that provides its drivers with an adequate amount of time to rest between shifts. However, if a driver’s hours are not properly regulated, this can lead to exhaustion.

A fatigued bus driver may have issues staying awake or being alert to traffic signals and other vehicles on the road. As a result, a bus driver could cause a serious accident by veering into oncoming traffic or failing to see vehicles in their vicinity.


Buses are large commercial vehicles that can easily jostle passengers if a bus driver runs over potholes or other debris in the road. As a result, a bus driver should exercise caution when accelerating. Unfortunately, some bus drivers may exceed the speed limit that could result in a passenger suffering an injury, especially if the driver causes a collision with another vehicle while speeding.

Inexperienced Driving

NYC bus drivers should be adequately trained to ensure that they are aware of how to properly operate their vehicles. As buses have limited visibility and can be difficult to maneuver, having an inexperienced driver can be dangerous for passengers and other motorists. For example, an inexperienced bus driver may attempt to switch lanes while failing to see a motorist or cyclist that slipped into the vehicle’s blind spot.

There are other causes of Bolt Bus accidents that are not listed above. If you were injured under different circumstances, you should speak with an experienced attorney about your claim.

If a passenger of a Bolt Bus wishes to file a claim against the company, they must first show that the bus driver was responsible for the accident. If the bus driver acted negligently while transporting passengers, this negligence can be imputed to their employer. This means that Bolt Bus can be held liable for negligence that occurs within the scope of the bus driver’s employment.

To learn more about the damages available for a bus accident injury, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced NYC personal injury lawyer.

Damages Available After a Bolt Bus Crash

If a passenger were injured in a Bolt Bus crash in NYC, it would be wise to consider filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible. Prevailing in an accident claim will permit an injured passenger to claim a variety of damages for their injuries:

  • Medical Bills – Damages awarded for a bus crash can include compensation for emergency care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and other related expenses
  • Loss of Wages – If you suffered an injury that prevented you from working, you may receive damages for loss of wages or the difference of wages if you needed to take a job with a lower pay scale
  • Pain and Suffering – A victim of a bus accident can suffer untold trauma, like post-traumatic stress syndrome, which can make them eligible for damages for pain and suffering

Our Trusted NYC Bolt Bus Accident Attorneys are Here for You

If you were a victim of a Bolt Bus crash, you should consult with an experienced NYC Bolt Bus accident attorney. The legal team at Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP, possesses decades of combined legal experience, and we would be pleased to help you litigate your claim. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP at (877) 311-4878.


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