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Every worker hopes that there will never be a day when they suffer an injury at the workplace. Unfortunately, some workplaces are more dangerous than others, and the risk of being injured at these jobs is higher than in other professions. For example, a construction worksite can be one of the most dangerous workplaces for employees. If you or a family member was injured at the workplace, contact an experienced NYC on the job injury lawyer.

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Common Workplace Injury Accidents in NYC

On the job injuries can occur under a number of circumstances. The circumstances of a workplace accident can help a victim determine who is responsible for their injuries to help them file an injury lawsuit. The following is a list of common workplace injury accidents.

Negligent Operation of Vehicles

NYC workplaces that involve construction, the shipping of materials, and similar occupations will require the use of vehicles to perform various tasks. For example, forklifts are frequently used to transport heavy materials that would be difficult to carry. However, if a forklift is operated negligently, the driver of the vehicle could run into another employee or cause heavy items to fall on an employee.

Vehicle accidents at the workplace are dangerous because they often cause severe crushing injuries that could leave a worker unable to continue to perform their regular duties.

Slip and Falls

A slip and fall accident occurs when a person trips over some hazardous property condition and suffers a serious injury. Slip and fall accidents are common due to the variety of safety hazards that could trigger a slip and fall. For example, failure to clean up a spill or repair broken stairwells can easily cause a slip and fall accident.

Falls from heights are also another common type of workplace injury. Construction workers, roofers, and workers in similar occupations must often work at heights in order to complete certain tasks. Failure to install scaffolding correctly, issues with safety gear, and other issues could lead to a worker falling from great heights to suffer a serious on the job injury like a bone fracture or a back injury.

Falling Object Accidents

Falling objects accidents are most common when working at a construction site. Objects like tools, debris, and building materials are capable of causing a worker a serious injury if they happen to fall on top of them. This type of accident can be especially dangerous if a worker is not wearing a hard hat or other protective gear.

There are other types of on the job accidents that are not discussed above, like repetitive motion injuries or machinery malfunctions. To learn more about seeking compensation after a workplace injury, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced NYC workplace injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Suing and Recovering Compensation for On the Job Accidents

If you were injured in an on the job accident in NYC, there are a few ways that an injured worker can pursue compensation for their injuries.

One way to pursue compensation for a workplace accident is to file for workers’ compensation. Seeking immediate medical attention after an on the job accident is necessary if a person wishes to file a claim. If the injury is not an immediate emergency, it would be recommended to see a doctor that is authorized to examine your on the job injury by the Workers’ Compensation Board of New York.

After an on the job injury, a worker should also inform their employer of the details of the accident. While the workers’ compensation system in New York operates on a no-fault system, there are some circumstances that could affect the approval of benefits. For example, if a person was injured at the workplace because they were intoxicated, this could affect their benefits. After notifying an employer, there are a number of other steps that must be completed before a worker can receive compensation.

Another possibility to pursue compensation in NYC would be to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, if an injured worker elects to file a personal injury lawsuit, they cannot then pursue a workers’ compensation claim with their employer. The circumstances of a worker’s injury will play a role in determining whether to file a lawsuit or claim for workers’ compensation.

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