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According to statistics compiled by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), there are thousands cranes working around the country in the construction industry alone. There are many additional cranes in use in the maritime industry and for other uses. With so many cranes in day-to-day use at job sites across the nation, it is an unfortunate fact that accidents and mistakes will occur. Many times these workplace accidents can produce severe injuries or even death. The personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers of Sullivan & Galleshaw can fight for you or your loved one if a crane accident has resulted in serious injury or death while on the job.We know that you already have more than enough on your mind with trying to recover from catastrophic injuries, therefore we handle your claim each and every step of the way.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Crane Accidents?

While accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons when working with heavy industrial equipment, there are some reasons that are more common than others. OSHA has studied the safety data that the agency has compiled and has concluded that the most common reasons for incidents with cranes include:

  • The crane or crane boom contacts energized power lines.
  • Problem with the under the hook lifting device
  • Dropped cargo
  • A crane that overturns
  • Boom collapse
  • Improper outrigger use
  • Improper rigging
  • Falls or falling objects
  • Failure to follow other OSHA or employer regulations

Unfortunately the full extent of the the reasons as to why crane accidents occur is much more expansive. However following proper safety procedures can reduce the likelihood of an incident involving a crane.

How Can Crane Accidents Be Prevented?

Crane accidents can be prevented by taking measures or steps to minimize many of these risks. While the following is not and should not be treated as a comprehensive safety plan, measures like these should be part of such a plan and can include:

  • De-energizing all power lines near the crane.
  • If all power lines cannot be de-energized, the crane should only be operated if a safe minimum distance from the lines can be maintained. The use of a spotter can help the crane operator maintain safe distances and provide a warning if the crane is nearing a danger zone.
  • Close supervision to ensure that all applicable safety standards are being adhered to.
  • Use of insulated barriers that are physically independent from the crane.
  • Appropriate and sufficient education of workers who maintain the crane or those who are not involved in the operation of the crane but work in the near vicinity.
  • Refraining from using inappropriate guards or proximity warning devices when the circumstances call for more stringent safety measures.

In most instances, accidents happen due to carelessness or negligence which can include the failure to adhere to one of the safety measures listed above. Whether your crane injury occurred due to negligence or if it was an intentional act, a Sullivan & Galleshaw attorney can fight for you.

What Damages May Be Available After a Crane Accident

The types of damages that are available will depend upon the circumstances surrounding your injury including how the injury occurred and your status at the time. If you were an employee at the time of the injury, your claim is most likely limited to New York’s no-fault workers’ compensation system. However if you were not an employee or if your crane accident occurred due to a defective product or an intentional act, you may also be able to sue in tort, or for your personal injuries. If you can sue for your personal injuries, the vast majority of available damages are likely to be compensatory damages which can include things like lost wages, lost future earnings, and pain & suffering.

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