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When we are admitted to a hospital we expect to receive the best in medical care so that we can begin on our road to recovery and good health. While in most cases adequate to excellent care is received, in some instances the medical care provided falls far short of the acceptable standard of care. Tragically all too often this negligence, carelessness, or disregard in a medical setting results in catastrophic injury or death.

The attorneys of Sullivan & Galleshaw are committed to the victims of hospital negligence and medical malpractice. Our attorneys are committed to fighting for those injured due to negligent hospital care.

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Mistakes Caused by Staffing Issues

Mistakes can be made by hospital staff for a variety of reasons. However staffing issues at a hospital or medical facility can often contribute to the conditions that made the medical mistake possible. Conditions that can contribute to mistakes made by nurses and other hospital personnel can include:

  • Patient-staff ratio – As the number of patients each staff number must treat increases, the amount of time that they can spend with each person decreases. Spending less time with each patient means staff members have to rush or spend less time than would be ideal with each patient.
  • Fatigue – Long shifts, hectic schedules and few days off can result in fatigue that builds and builds. It is common sense that a tired worker is a worker who is more likely to make mistakes or take short-cuts.
  • Insufficient supervision – The close supervision of hospital staff and careful screening or prospective employees can help reduce the number and rate of hospital accidents.
  • Insufficient training – Consistent training and reinforcement of best practices can reduce mistakes and instances of hospital negligence.

There are many other reasons why hospital staff members can make errors or otherwise fail to provide adequate care. The foregoing identifies some of the more common reasons.

Catastrophic Injuries due to a Medical Mistake

Medical mistakes are a major reason for injuries suffered while under a hospital’s medical care. While medical errors are nearly innumerable a selection of the more prevalent errors includes:

  • Birth injuriesInjuries at birth can lead to the development of conditions such as Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy and shoulder dystocia
  • Emergency room mistakes – All hospital emergency rooms that are part of a participating hospital have a duty to screen and stabilize patients with an emergency medical condition who come to the emergency room.
  • Failure to diagnose – A failure to diagnose cancer or other serious conditions can result in a less favorable prognosis in comparison to a timely diagnosis. This reduced chance at survival may give rise to an actionable claim.
  • Medication errors – To be effective medications must be administered as directed. Administering medications too often or not often enough can cause them to be ineffective or result in serious side effects. Furthermore your medical provider must ensure that your medications do not conflict and that they are safe to be taken together.
  • Surgical errors – A myriad of surgical errors can occur during a surgical procedure. The surgeon may operate on the wrong body part. During the procedure surgical tools or medical devices can be mistakenly left in the body. Finally, problems in the administration of anesthesia can result In medical complications and serious injury.

The foregoing addresses only the more common injuries due to medical mistakes. Unfortunately many other errors and injuries are possible.

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