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Catheters are used in a number of medical procedures for various reasons.  The most common reason to use catheters is with a Foley catheter or other catheter inserted into the patient’s bladder to drain urine.  Since this often means insertion into the patient’s urethra, there can be injuries, pain, or infection in that area.  Alternatively, catheters are implanted permanently or used temporarily in many heart and vascular procedures.

If you or a loved one was injured by in indwelling catheter, urinary catheter, or during a catheter procedure, talk to an attorney today.  You may be entitled to compensation from the doctor or the hospital that performed a negligent catherization.  Damages for severe injuries may be substantial, so talk to an attorney today.  The Queens medical malpractice attorneys at Sullivan and Galleshaw may be able to take your case.  For a free consultation on your injury case, call (877) 311-HURT today.

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Catheter Injury Cases in New York City

Catheters are made of a (usually) flexible rubber tubing that can be inserted into the body to drain fluid or perform other tasks.  Urinary catheters are usually administered during emergency procedures, surgery, extended hospital stays, for incontinent patients, and for patients who have had surgery on their genitals, urinary systems, kidneys, or other areas.  Catheters may also be used to help patients at home with bladder control issues.  This may mean inserting the catheter with help from a homecare nurse.

Catheters are also used for many other medical procedures.  Since the tubing can be quite thin on a catheter, they are sometimes inserted into veins or arteries for cardiac testing.  In these cardiac catheterization procedures, doctors may have you stay awake or place you under anesthesia.  These typically have very low risks associated with them.  The higher risks are often associated with implanted catheters, which are permanently left inside the body, or with urinary catheters.

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Any time a catheter is inserted for an extended period, there is a chance that it could be done improperly.  This may cause serious pain and discomfort, especially in sensitive areas.  To reach the bladder, catheters must be inserted into the urethra – the urinary tract.  This can be quite painful, especially during insertion and removal.

If the catheter is not properly cleaned or replaced, or if it was damaged during insertion, you could face infections.  Urinary tract infections and staph infections are quite common with catheterization.  The Mayo Clinic specifically lists intravascular catheters and urinary catheters, along with dialysis tubing, as significant risk factors for staph infections.

Suing for Catheter Injuries in New York

If you or a loved one was injured because of negligent medical care surrounding catheterization, they may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.  Doctors and other healthcare providers are held to a high “standard of care” for their treatment and patient care.  This “standard of care” is very important in building a case against a negligent doctor or nurse who allowed your catheter injury to occur.  In proving any medical negligence case against a healthcare provider, there are four important elements to prove:

  1. Your healthcare provider owed you a duty – i.e. a duty to meet the level of care defined by the “standard of care”;
  2. The provider breached that duty by giving you care that fell below the standard of care;
  3. This breach caused your injuries; and
  4. You suffered injuries or complications which the court can compensate you for.

In order to prove the doctor’s negligence, you must prove that they fell below the appropriate standard of care expected of them.  Defining the standard of care is often a point of contention in a medical malpractice case.  Both sides are able to hire experts, usually other doctors or nurses in the same area of practice, to explain to a jury what the proper level of care is.  If the jury finds that your doctor or nurse’s care was below the expectations, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries or other expenses.

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If you needed additional procedures or treatment to reverse the effects of infections or urethral injuries, the costs of that treatment might be compensated.  Additionally, the pain and suffering from the infection or injuries might also be compensated.  These damages are not limited or “capped” by New York law, so you may be entitled to high compensation for serious injuries.

With malpractice cases, you must sue the appropriate party for your injuries.  Since most catheterizations are performed by nurses, not doctors, they are likely hospital employees.  Our attorneys can help you understand whether you should sue your doctor directly, or sue the hospital where you were injured.  In the case of homecare nursing, you may need to sue the nurse or the homecare agency directly.

Urinary and Cardiac Catheter Injury Lawyers

For strategic and experienced representation on your New York injury case, contact the injury attorneys at Sullivan and Galleshaw today.  Our Queens catheter injury lawyers may be able to take your case and help you get compensation for infections or injuries caused by negligent catheter care.  For your free consultation, call (877) 311-HURT today.


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