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The attorneys at Sullivan and Galleshaw take prescription drug errors and defects very seriously. Prescription drugs are monitored very closely by medical and legal authorities so that only those who truly need a prescription can get the medication. However, people are often injured by pharmaceuticals when prescriptions are improperly filled, medication is tainted, or medication is improperly prescribed.

The Queens pharmaceutical injury lawyers at Sullivan and Galleshaw represent those who have been injured, poisoned, or suffered bad reactions to prescription medication. For a free consultation on your case and to understand what your case might be worth, call our lawyers today at (877) 311-HURT.

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Queens Pharmaceutical Injury Lawyers

Many prescription drugs are prescribed for specific purposes. Many times, these drugs are selected for your specific condition, health background, and other drugs you currently take. If there is a problem with the drug, you are given the incorrect drug, or your doctor prescribed an inappropriate drug, you could face serious consequences.

If the drug manufacturer created an overly dangerous drug, allowed a drug to be tainted, or put an improperly tested drug on the market, they could be held liable for your injuries. Prescription drugs go through multiple rounds of testing and clinical trials before being approved for general use. If these pharmaceutical companies miss important side effects, patients could face severe consequences and side effects. Failing to warn consumers about these side effects is one of the leading causes of pharmaceutical litigation. Additionally, drugs may be tainted because of poor conditions in warehouses, transportation, or manufacturing facilities.

Pharmacies and hospitals are responsible for filling drugs according to a doctor’s prescription. If they fail to accurately fill prescriptions by giving you the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, or the wrong delivery method (oral, suppository, injection, etc.), you could face injuries or illness form those drugs. If the pharmacy gives you the wrong pill, you could face unexpected side effects and consequences from taking that drug. While this happens, you will go without the benefits of the medicine you were supposed to get. Pharmacies that make errors like this could be responsible for the negative effects you suffer if you were given the wrong drugs.

queens bad drug sickness lawyers - New York Prescription Drug Injury Lawyer

Ultimately, the manufacturer of the drug, the pharmacy, or the doctor may be responsible for the drug errors. In some cases, a combination of parties and factors could have caused your injuries. An experienced attorney can help sort out which parties should be held responsible, and which to bring to court.

Queens Defective Drug Lawyers

If you or a loved one was injured because of the adverse effects of drugs, mistakenly filled prescriptions, or errors in prescribing medicine, talk to an attorney today. The Queens defective product and medical malpractice attorneys at Sullivan and Galleshaw may be able to help. Call (877) 311-HURT today for a free consultation on your case.


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