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When you get your prescription filled at the pharmacy or by a mail-order prescription service, there is an expectation that the medical experts and pharmacists who prescribed the drugs and filled the prescription order made the proper decisions and gave you the proper medication to help you with your condition or satisfy your healthcare needs.  We never expect that the medicine we were given would be wrong or that our doctor could have prescribed us something that they should have known would be harmful to us.

Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from the dangerous effects of getting the wrong prescription or getting medicine that they are allergic to or suffer adverse effects from.  If you were given the wrong prescription of suffered from prescription errors, contact our Queens prescription error injury attorneys at Sullivan and Galleshaw to schedule a free legal consultation with our team of experienced injury lawyers.  Our phone number is (877) 311-HURT.

Responsible Parties in a Medication Error Case

If you suffered a prescription error because you received the wrong prescription or your doctor ordered a dangerous prescription, the fault likely lies with either the prescribing physician or the pharmacy that filled the prescription.  Other medical errors or pharmaceutical injury cases can arise out of negligent pharmaceutical companies contaminating or altering their drug formulas or from transportation companies damaging the medication during transit, but doctors and pharmacists are usually responsible for errors in ordering or filling the prescription.

Prescription Errors from Doctors

When your doctor prescribes medication, they should pay attention to a few key factors:

  • The medication should be helpful for the condition you are facing
  • The medication should not have side effects that make it too dangerous for you
  • The dosage should not be more than necessary to treat the condition
  • The doctor should check for negative interactions with other drugs you are taking
  • The doctor should check if you have a known allergy to the drug
  • With certain drugs, the doctor should check if you are pregnant or suffer from certain conditions that could make the drug especially dangerous for you or a child you are carrying

If your doctor fails to check for these kinds of issues or look for potential complications with the prescription, they may be considered negligent in prescribing you the wrong drug or a dangerous dose.  In many cases, you will need another doctor to verify that the treatment fell below the expected standard of care.

Prescription Errors from Pharmacies

Pharmacists and the staff that work for them at a pharmacy are trained in understanding drug interactions, allergies, how the prescription is intended to work, and what potential side effects drugs have.  If a pharmacist notices two prescriptions being filled at the same time that have bad interactions, or if the pharmacist notices other problems with the dosage, they should consult with the doctor and check if there was an error.  If they fail to catch these prescription errors, they may share some responsibility for the injuries you face.

In addition, pharmacists have a duty to give you the correct medication and dosage that was ordered.  If the pharmacist accidentally mixes up drugs, bottles the wrong pills, or gives you a dosage higher than what was ordered, you may be seriously injured or face problematic side effects.  Pharmacists can be held directly liable for these kinds of errors.

Suing for Pharmacy Errors in New York

If you are seriously injured because you received the wrong medication, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover financial compensation for the harms you faced.  When suing a doctor, their medical malpractice insurance company usually pays for an attorney to represent them, and large pharmacies may have big legal teams that try to shut down claims and protect them from lawsuits.  This means you need an equally aggressive, zealous legal team to represent you in your claim and to fight for justice for you.

If you received the wrong prescription, you could face serious injuries and illness.  Not only does giving you the wrong drug often mean that your underlying condition goes untreated, it also means that you could face illness and injury from taking the wrong prescription.  Especially if you suffer injuries from negative drug interactions or terrible side effects from receiving a drug you do not need, you could face substantial damages.

The damages that you face in these cases could come in the form of medical expenses for additional medical care to reverse the effects of the drug as well as missed work while you recover from the harm.  In addition, you could face substantial pain and suffering from taking the wrong prescription.  If you lost a loved one because they received the wrong medication or dangerous drugs, you could also suffer substantial damages for the funeral and burial costs, lost income, lost care and companionship, and other harms from wrongful death.  A personal injury lawsuit may be the best way to recover the financial compensation for these harms.

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If you or a loved one suffered serious illness or other harms from being given the wrong prescription or because of other pharmacy errors in New York City, contact the Queens prescription error injury lawyers at Sullivan and Galleshaw.  Our attorneys are available to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation on your potential case.  To schedule your free consultation, call us today at (877) 311-HURT.


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