FDNY Test Prep Information and Resources

FDNY Test Prep Information and Resources

FDNY Test Prep Information and Resources

In an effort to perform well on the upcoming FDNY test, candidates should consider the following:

  • Watch the 3-minute video below. This will provide the candidate a brief overview of the test along with some proven techniques to boost your score.


  • Any candidate who is not completely confident in his/her computer skills should arrange to take the walk-in Correction Officer test. It uses the same computer program that is used for the FDNY test. You can find this information on the DCAS website. This effort is well worth it, especially since it has been demonstrated that many candidates do not do as well as they should on a CBT simply because they are not familiar enough with the program.
  • The personality assessment portion of the exam is a critically important part of the test. Below is a link to a 12-minute on-line tutorial for this section of the test. It should be studied intensely.

    FDNY Exam 2017 Psychological Section Overview:

  • After viewing the online tutorial, any candidates who are not confident in their ability to do well on the personality test component should purchase the book written by Don Schroeder titled “The Ideal Employee”. It is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Here is a 21-minute test tutorial produced by the City which gives an overall tutorial for the revised upcoming exam.

FDNY Firefighter Examination Practice Question Tutorial:

It is essential that the candidate is extremely well prepared for the upcoming test. In addition to the study material and test-taking tips contained here, there are other online tutorials and prep courses available. Note that the cognitive test being used is different from the traditional multiple choice test. Additionally, the test contains basic math questions. Taking the time to prepare for the test will serve the candidate well. GOOD LUCK!!!