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3 of the Most Dangerous Summer Activities for Children in Queens, NY

With summer getting into full swing, kids are home from school and free to participate in all kinds of sports and recreational activities.  But while children look forward to summer all year, it can also be an extremely dangerous season if proper precautions aren’t taken.  In this article, our Queens personal injury lawyers review the dangers of three popular but hazardous summertime activities for kids in New York City.  If your son or daughter was injured in Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn, we may be able to help your family recover compensation.

Drowning and Swimming Pool Accidents

Every year, public pools and water parks attract thousands of kids looking to beat the summer heat.  However, in the absence of careful supervision, a tragic drowning accident can occur in a matter of minutes or even seconds.  Preventable drownings and near-drownings are often caused by failures of the lifeguard to perform their job duties adequately.  Some examples of lifeguard negligence include:

  • Being distracted by text messages, smartphone apps, or their peers.
  • Being intoxicated while on duty.
  • Failing to spot a swimmer in distress.
  • Falling asleep while on duty.
  • Leaving their post.

Other causes of swimming accidents and pool injuries include:

  • Defective lifejackets.
  • Inaccurate depth markers.
  • Misuse of abrasive or toxic pool cleaners.
  • Suction system defects.

According to a recent NYC child fatality report, drowning is the number one cause of injury deaths among children aged one to four years old, ahead of auto accidents in New York and deaths caused by burn injuries.  Prolonged submersion underwater, even when non-fatal, can result in extensive damage to the brain, causing devastating effects similar to those of a traumatic brain injury from an external blow.  Furthermore, slippery pool decks can create a major slip and fall hazard. If you want to sue for slipping and falling by a pool due to someone else’s negligence, contact the Queens slip and fall lawyers at Sullivan & Galleshaw.

Concussions and Bone Fractures Caused by Sports Accidents

Summer is peak season for all types of sports, such as soccer, baseball, track, and field hockey.  While all sports carry some risk, serious injuries should be preventable with functional safety gear and close adult supervision.  When either component is missing, the risk of injury skyrockets.  Coaches, volunteers, and babysitters who get intoxicated, wander off, or allow children to play while unsupervised may be liable if a child sustains a preventable injury while playing in the lawn, in the driveway, or at an organized game.  If a child is injured during the course of a game, they should be removed to safety and given medical attention immediately.

However, poor adult supervision is not always to blame for sports accidents.  Bone fractures and other serious injuries can also occur because of defective safety gear, such as a defective helmet that cracks on impact or flies off because of a broken clasp.  When children sustain injuries due to using defective products, the manufacturer may be liable.  This area of personal injury law is known as product liability.

Bicycle Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

Most kids love to hop on their bikes when summer arrives, but a leisurely ride through the neighborhoods of Queens can instantly turn into a nightmare when vehicle occupants are careless or reckless.  “Dooring,” for example – in which vehicle occupants throw open their doors without first checking for oncoming cyclists – is a major hazard on New York’s congested, hectic streets.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol poses another major summertime hazard.  Summer is prime season for cookouts and barbeque parties, which also means there’s a greater number of intoxicated drivers on the roads.  In fact, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day – which takes up the bulk of the summer – has been called the “100 deadliest days for teens.”  In particular, Queens bicycling accidents caused by drunk driving spike around the Fourth of July, when parents also need to be wary of fireworks accidents.

Cycling also poses another danger.  While rugged contact sports like boxing, wrestling, and football bear the brunt of the media controversy whenever sports are linked to a risk for concussions, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons reports that cycling causes far more brain injuries than any other sports.  Believe it or not, bicycling actually causes nearly twice as many head injuries (85,389) as football (46,948), the second leading cause.

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We sincerely hope that your family enjoys a safe, injury-free summer season.  However, if your son or daughter gets hurt because of another person’s careless actions, such as a lifeguard, camp counselor, coach, or neighbor, know that you can turn to the experienced attorneys of Sullivan & Galleshaw for compassionate, personalized legal representation.

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