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New York’s Legal Definition of “Pain and Suffering” After a Car Accident

New York’s Legal Definition of “Pain and Suffering” After a Car Accident

When you are injured in a car accident, there are different types of damages you can recover in court. That typically includes reimbursement for medical bills, reimbursement for lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering. Many people who have been injured and are considering a lawsuit should understand how exactly New York defines “pain...

Is the Driver Always Responsible for a Single Car Accident?

Like many legal questions, the answer is “it depends.”  In many single car accidents, the driver is the only one in the car, the only one injured, and the only one on the road when the accident happens.  In those cases, the driver is probably the only one responsible. In other cases, drivers are pushed...

For Uber/Lyft Accidents in NY, Do You Sue the Driver or Company?

Whether you were injured as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft car, as another car in a crash with an Uber or Lyft, or as a pedestrian hit by one of these cars, you may be wondering whom you should sue.  Uber and Lyft have complicated business models, where the drivers may not be...

Fatigued Uber, Taxi Drivers Violating Shift Limits, Causing Car Accidents in New York City

Traditional Yellow Cabs and, increasingly, rival services such as Uber and Lyft are critical to New York City’s transportation infrastructure.  According to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, the city contains about 13,500 taxi drivers, while Uber data showed about 3,200 active drivers during a single 24-hour period.  But while cabbies, Lyft, and...

Brooklyn Wrongful Death Caused by Hit and Run Car Accident

The suspected driver in a hit and run accident that killed a Brooklyn resident on September 23 has been identified as 47-year-old Brian Young.  The victim, 28-year-old Francis Perez, was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital shortly after the crash occurred.  Our Brooklyn wrongful death attorneys have updates on the developing story, as well as...

I Was Hit by a Taxi in New York City

New York City is famous for its yellow taxicabs that clog the streets. In fact many people who live in the city do not have a car because they rely on the public transportation system or choose to take a taxi.  The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission estimates that taxis make approximately 485,000...


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