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Biking in NYC is Dangerous – Even in the Bike Lane

Biking in NYC is Dangerous – Even in the Bike Lane

Riding a bike in New York City may be one of the best ways to get around quickly without the need to worry about parking, traffic, gas, or car insurance. However, driving in the bike lane is often not as safe as we might expect. While it may sometimes be a ticketable offense to ride...

The “Dutch Reach” Could Help Reduce Bicycle Accidents Involving Car Doors

If you ride a bike in Queens, or anywhere in the city, one of your biggest fears may be the risk of getting “doored” by a car. Many drivers who park along the curb fail to check for bikes, pedestrians, or cars when they open their car door. Many times, on-street parking is directly next...

Common Motorcycle Injuries in Queens

Riding a motorcycle or a moped is an excellent alternative to a car in the city. It’s so much more convenient and mobile, plus easier to park. On the downside, motorcycles are not always as safe. Without the protective roof, glass, seats, seatbelts, and even headrests of a car, you are at a greater risk...

The Most Common Causes of Accidental Brain Injury

Brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries that can occur in an accident. The brain is the control center for the entire body, and injuries to the brain can have surprising effects on the rest of your body, your mind, and even your emotions. If you suffered a potential brain injury in an...

Who is at Fault in Bike Accidents with Cars?

Biking in the city is often easier than driving, but with New York traffic, bike accidents are always a risk. There is no single rule that always makes drivers or bikers responsible for accidents, and the question of fault often comes down to who was following the rules. In many situations, both parties are partially...

Who Do I Sue for Apartment Fire Injuries in Queens?

Apartment fires are a huge problem in Queens, with dozens of potential causes for injury.  With over 444,663 rental units in the borough, fires in shared apartment buildings can be disastrous.  Of those apartments, 109,238 are in buildings with over 50 units.  Living so close to others can mean that one person’s careless mistakes can...


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